Paisley Abbey 17th November

Edward Taylor Organ Recital, 17 November at 12.30pm in Paisley Abbey

The series of Saturday lunchtime organ recitals in Paisley Abbey continues on 17 November at 12.30pm when Edward Taylor gives a varied programme of 19th and 20th century French music. Of the featured composers, Durufle, Saint-Saens, Vierne and Widor were born in France while Franck was born in Belgium in 1822. However at an early age, his parents moved to Paris where he was the organist at St Clothilde for almost 40 years until his death in 1890

Edward Taylor is currently the assistant organist at Carlisle Cathedral but since his days as a chorister in Ely Cathedral, has played the organ. In fact, in his final year as Head Boy, he became the first chorister to accompany the cathedral choir in Evensong.

He has travelled extensively and in 2004 studied the organ under Christophe Mantoux and Martin Gester at the Strasbourg Conservatoire and more recently with the late David Sanger. He continues to be an active recitalist across the UK while combining this with Carlisle Cathedral choirs and other choral organisations in north west England.

The Programme………….

‘Finale’ from Organ Symphony No. 3 – Saint-Saens trans. Briggs
‘Cantabile’ from Trois pieces 1878 – Franck
‘Allegro vivace’ from Symphony V – Widor
‘Andantino’ from Pieces de Fantaisie -Vierne
Prelude et Fugue sur le nom d’Alain – Durufle

Entry to the recital costs £5 and can be paid at the door

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