Gordon Cree Organ Recital

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Gordon Cree Organ Recital, Paisley Abbey, Saturday 26 January at 12.30pm
Gordon Cree, one of the best known multi-talented musicians in Scotland, will give an recital on Paisley Abbey’s Cavaille-Coll organ Saturday 26 January at 12.30pm.
Equally well known as a conductor, arranger, pianist, singer, organist and cabaret entertainer, his contribution to the world of music and showbusiness in the UK is arguably the one of the most diverse and multi-faceted of any professional working today.

As an organist, in both the classical and light music fields, he remains popular throughout the UK having appeared, recorded and broadcast at some of the UK’s most famous organs including the Wurlitzer organs of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom, the Blackpool Opera House, The Free Trade Hall Manchester, Peel Green as well as the Compton Organs of the Stockport Plaza and the Odeon, Leicester Square. He is a Member of the Royal College of Organists and continues to appear frequently entertaining lunchtime visitors to Kelvingrove Art Gallery on its Lewis Concert Organ.

In 2008 he was made a Burgess of the City of Glasgow and in 2009 BBC Radio Scotland devoted a “Take the Floor” programme to the life and work (so far!) of Gordon Cree. In that broadcast he was described by Robbie Shepherd as being a “modern-day national treasure”. Last Year he was awarded the honorary Fellowship of the Guild of Musicians and Singers in London.

His programme on Saturday will include works by Bélier, Jongen, Peeters and Bédard

Entry to the recital costs £5

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