SFO Edinburgh Conference

Dear Organist Association Member,

For the first and possibly only time, Olivier Latry (Notre Dame, Paris)  and Thierry Escaich (Saint-Étienne-du-Mont) will be playing in duet, at St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral in Edinburgh, on Friday 17th May at 7.30pm.

This event arose as Olivier Latry performed one of the inaugural recitals  on our new organ in March 2008. I had seen a video online of him and  Philippe Lefebvre improvising in duet (this can still be seen, here:  http://youtu.be/cACyenYVhIY) and I suggested to him that it would be  wonderful if this could happen here. He said that he would most like to try  doing this with Thierry Escaich, and so we have made it happen!

This will be the programme:

Gustav MERKEL (1827 – 1885) : 1st Mouvement of the Sonata in D minor  (Thierry Escaich and Olivier Latry)
Nicolas de GRIGNY (1672 – 1703) : Récit de Tierce en taille (Thierry
Olivier LATRY : Improvised Suite Française in the French classical style
Thierry ESCAICH and Olivier LATRY : Duet Improvisation in the style of a  baroque concerto
César FRANCK (1822 – 1890) : Cantabile (Olivier Latry)
Thierry ESCAICH : Improvised Fantaisie and fugue in the romantic style
Louis VIERNE (1870 – 1937) : Final from Symphony n. 4 (Thierry Escaich)
Olivier LATRY : Improvisation (on the name of Vierne)
Olivier MESSIAEN (1908 – 1992) : Verset pour la fête de la Dédicace
Thierry ESCAICH : Improvisation
Thierry ESCAICH and Olivier LATRY : Theme and variations

The movable console will be used at this concert, so the performers will be  visible to the audience, similar to that in the Youtube video link above.

Tickets are available from the Queen’s Hall Box Office: online at
http://www.thequeenshall.net/elsewhere/shows/olivier-latry-thierry-escaichor or by telephoning  0131-668-2019.

If you would please be able to share this information with your colleagues, I  would be most grateful. The probably unique nature of this event could well  be worth the trip to Edinburgh!

With sincere thanks and good wishes,


Simon Niemiński,
St Mary’s Metropolitan Cathedral,
Cathedral House,
61, York Place,


Cathedral Office: (0131)556-1798
Direct line: (0131)523-0106

St Mary’s Cathedral is a Parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St  Andrews and Edinburgh, a Charity registered in Scotland – Number SC008540.

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