Constitution & Rules

the original and current constitution and rules


1. The Society shall be called :—

2. The Objects of the Society shall be :—
(a) To bring its members into closer fellowship with each other and with members of kindred societies;
(b) To provide lectures, recitals and other activities relating to Church music and music generally.
(c) To establish and maintain a library of music, musical literature, and recordings

3. Ordinary Membership shall be open to Organists and Choirmasters who hold or have held appointments in Lanarkshire. Associate Membership shall be open to those who are interested in the work and aims of the Society but are not eligible for Ordinary Membership.

4. Honorary Membership shall be confined persons eminent in music.

5. Management of the Society shall be vested in Council, consisting of:- President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian and Six Members. The Office-bearers shall hold office for one year and shall be eligible for re-election.

6. The Society may have an Honorary President and Honorary Vice-Presidents who shall be elected annually by the Council.

7. No alteration of the Constitution or Rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting. Notice of a proposed alteration must be given to the Secretary at least one month before the date of the Annual Genera! Meeting. The Secretary shall notify members of any such proposal at least one week before the Annual General Meeting.

8. On a request signed by FIVE members of the Society, an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary within 28 days. The request must specify the sole business to be discussed at the Extraordinary General Meeting.



1. The right to admit non-members to meetings and to elect Honorary members shall be vested in the Council

2. Ordinary and Associate Members shall pay an annual subscription of £1 1s. 0d. Associate Members under 18 years of age shall pay £0 10s. 0d. Subscriptions shall become due on the date of the opening meeting of each session. Any member not handing his resignation fourteen days before the opening meeting shall be held liable for the ensuing year’s subscription. The Secretary shall notify each member one month prior to the opening meeting. No person shall be entitled to vote or to take part in the business of the Society until the current subscription has been paid. The Council shall have power to remove from the roll the name off any member whose subscription is more than one year in arrears.

3. The Society shall ordinary meet on the third Saturday of each month from October to April at 3 o’clock p.m.

4. This Council shall meet from time to time as required. Five shall form a quorum.

5. The Council shall fill any vacancy in its number that may occur during the year. A member of Council absent from three consecutive meetings without reasonable excuse shall cease to be a member of Council.

6. An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held in April of the current year, at which at a report on the past session shall be submitted by the Council together with an audited statement of the Treasurer’s intromissions. Office-bearers for the following session shall be appointed and any other competent business shall be transacted. Twelve shall form a quorum at an Annual General Meeting.

7. At the Annual General Meeting, the Society shall appoint two members, other than Office-bearers and members of Council, to act as Auditors.

8. Any member may introduce not more than two friends to each ordinary meeting.

9. On special occasions, at the option of the Council, a charge may be made.

10. The funds of the Society shall be applied solely to its stated objectives

11. The Society may associate itself with “The Incorporated Association of Organists” and make contrbution to the said “Incorporated Association”. The Society may appoint a delegate or delegates to the said Association, and may defray the expenses necessarily incurred by such delegates as a result of the appointment.


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